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Whitney’s deep knowledge of the body and yoga are immediately apparent when working with her. Everything that I have learned with Whitney I have applied to classes (and to my life outside of yoga) and they have improved my practice. She is constantly and gently challenging her students to challenge ourselves and our own notions of what our limitations really are. I have been surprised time and again when I discover that I am capable of doing what I previously thought impossible. Its thanks to Whitney’s kind and gentle prodding that I have been able to re-imagine what my body can do, and have learned to harness the power of my mind and breath to overcome challenges.
— Dominique Parris (Educator, Washington, DC)

I would recommend Whitney to anyone looking to begin or improve their yoga practice. Her positive attitude is infectious and her knowledge of yoga and the human body is extensive. She provides high quality instruction in an encouraging and friendly manner and wants the best for her students. Her outgoing nature and genuine care for her craft make yoga sessions with Whitney an incredibly enjoyable experience and something that I look forward to every week.
— Nicholas Sia (Fitness Consultant, Washington DC)
Nick Sia

Mary Tobler (Writer, Washington DC)
I came to Whitney with the goal of improving my overall strength - after two major surgeries, keeping up with my children without daily aches and pains was becoming a serious challenge. Because of her focused plans of action, deep expertise, and cheerful encouragement, I have blown past my original goal and feel physically stronger now, in my early 40s, than I’ve ever felt before.
— Mary Tobler (Writer, Washington DC)

Whitney has been an amazing find. As a teacher, she is the perfect combination of warm, challenging, precise, open and accepting in her approach. She is wise far beyond her years and our lessons have helped me build strength and flexibility both physically and mentally. In our year of working together, I’ve not only achieved poses (like wheel) that I never could before, but I’ve also learned to breathe and not “freak out” (as she’s fond of saying) when I’m stretched beyond what I thought possible. Whitney is truly a gift to body and mind!
— Jonathan Stillerman (Clinical psychologist, Washtington DC)
Whitney Paterson, Yoga

When I met Whitney, I had been a lifelong smoker for over 30 years. After working with Whitney for a year, and though inspiration from the practice, I have been able to quit smoking for good. Additionally, I’ve gained strength and flexibility through our lessons, and a better understanding about how to care for my body and prevent injury.

Whitney has an uncanny ability to detect the slightest imbalance in her students’ bodies and postures, and an amazing knack in communicating the “small issue” to her student in a simple, direct and very compassionate way. I’ve learned asanas that I previously never imagined possible, and continue to work on adding new ones thanks to Whitney’s constant encouragement.
— Leslie Thomas-Lejeune (Conference Interpreter, Washington DC)

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Whitney’s course provided an exciting introduction into the philosophy of Ayurveda and the habits of yogis. Whitney is a kind, knowledgable and supportive guide to the group, and the lessons are informative and manageable. For me, this course complimented my practice as a yogi and instructor, and gave me new tools for managing my life and my health.
— Jessica Phillips-Silver (Neuroscientist and Founder of Growing Brains, Washington DC)

I’ve been lucky to find a teacher such as Whitney. Her dedication to self-care and personal growth is inspiring. By focusing on small, incremental changes on a daily basis, I’ve been able to bring awareness to habits that have been bringing me down for years. Her knowledge of Ayurveda is top-notch. I’ve enjoyed learning and embracing this perspective of healthy living.
— Megan Sanchez (Health Coach and Designer, Washington DC)
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This course helped me to become the person I was once too terrified to be. With the support of the course and like minded people I was able to reaffirm all the positive shifts I wanted to create in my life. Now, I am able to live more in alignment with myself, nature and others. The course activated so many subtle changes within myself it is too many to count; but the most profound change was taking my mindset from “I want” to “I can.
— Larissa Hawkins (Student, Washington DC)

Whitney’s course was the perfect entry into practicing and implementing an ayurvedic lifestyle. Within the first few weeks my sleep had greatly improved and I felt more energy throughout the day. By setting small achievable goals, creating lasting habits became accessible in a way I had not found until now. Whitney is a supportive and thoughtful teacher who creates a safe community for those looking to make lasting changes. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in creating better mind and body habits and routines.”
— Julia Hanson (Paralegal, Washington DC)
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Though Whitney’s course, I lost 15 pounds! I learned how to cook my own meals, and move to a plant-based diet. Additionally, I developed a meditation practice which I have been able to keep going. I feel happier and I have less anxiety. Honestly, I’d recommend Whitney’s course to anybody looking to improve their health or change their lifestyle.
— Nicholas Sia (Fitness Consultant)

Whitney helped me start and sustain a Yoga practice after decades of not doing anything.  She has been most dedicated, effective in structuring "homework" for me to do days when I am on my own, and most encouraging in helping me gain structure, strength, meaning and method in my beginner Yoga practice.  Whitney is a very experienced Yogini with the ability to translate this ancient practice into a modern and accessible daily life practice for health conscious lifestyle seekers. I believe Whitney's private classes are an excellent investment that I am making in my health, strength and general well being.

Pinki C. Washington, DC

I began working with Whitney after suffering a serious lower back injury.    Whitney was extremely knowledgeable and motivating.  She carefully introduced me to Yoga in a way that was educational but not too overwhelming.  She challenged me and I really enjoyed the time spent working with her.   I would highly recommend Whitney as a private yoga instructor to anyone at any fitness level.

Chris L. Washington, DC

Working with Whitney is without a doubt one of the best fitness decisions I have ever made! I began working with her after one lesson through my gym completely blew me away - she seemed to know exactly what would and wouldn't work with my body, and her combination of patient/encouraging yet firm guidance really resonated with me. Every session with Whitney has been incredibly tailored to my specific needs. She is always 110% prepared, and I feel simultaneously challenged and accomplished at the end of each session with her. Since we've started working together, I've seen dramatic improvements in my flexibility, strength, and form. If you're passionate about investing in your body and yoga practice (especially if, like me, you sometimes feel like you're not quite "getting it" in group classes), I honestly can't recommend her enough!

Christina Pappas, Washington, DC

I can attest that Whitney is a great yoga instructor. As a complete novice, Whitney has pushed me to do things with my body that at my age, and with my level of fitness, I couldn't even imagine being able to do. She's a cheerleader and holds me accountable for doing what I need to do in order to progress. I appreciate my private lessons, and highly recommend them with Whitney. 

A.M.D. Washington, DC

I've practiced yoga for about six years before a five year break when moving from Encinitas CA to DC. I've recently started working with Whitney to restart my practice. Her approach with me is perfect as I regain my practice (and try to figure out where all my flexibility went!). She quickly figured out the most effective way to have me see what she wishes to correct (she uses with me a mixture of watching and listening to me, and then finding the right amount of explaining and showing). Lots of lightbulbs have been turning on. As a teacher, she's friendly, supportive, but also efficient and focused. I highly recommend her to help you improve your practice.

Keith Marzullo, Washington DC

I highly recommend Whitney Paterson as your personal yoga instructor. I have taken yoga classes with Whitney for over 5 years. She is the epitome of a yoga expert. Her professional, non-assuming demeanor lends itself to student confidence and trust.  Whitney is a consummate yoga professional. She maintains a constant state of improvement by regularly practicing her craft, as well as by traveling to the source of yoga (India) to study and continue to perfect her technique to share with her public classes and private lessons. I personally participated in Whitney’s public classes for two years, and have recently taken private lessons with her since her after her most recent return from India, where she studied and practiced with a famous yoga master for more than a month. I am happy to say that after practicing yoga for over twenty-five years, I have never experience a more pure and effective instructor than Whitney Paterson. I will continue my practice with Whitney whenever the opportunity presents itself, and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

William Lewis, Washington DC