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Begins on SUNday, 6TH MAY 2018

Understanding Your Health Evolution

Ayurveda champions healthy digestion as the key to creating a healthy body. Put simply, if you have optimal digestion you experience health, and if you don’t, you experience dis-ease.

Digestion is more then just what we eat. Healthy digestion and absorption comes from not only our eating habits but ALL aspects of our daily routine-- from sleep, to meals times, to how and when we exercise, to how we deal (or don’t deal) with stress.

The daily rhythms of Ayurveda will help to heal your digestion for good, with benefits like increased energy, strong immunity, stable moods, and better focus.


This course is for you if...

  • You have signs of poor digestion (gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, malabsorption).
  • You want more energy and focus.
  • You're seeking motivation, inspiration and direction.
  • You are ready to make a major transformation.
  • You are looking for a supportive community.
  • You are looking for an experienced guide.
  • You are willing to do the work.

Series Includes:

  • 1 group class per week.
  • 3 individual consultation sessions.
  • Resource library and supportive materials.
  • Private Facebook forum.
  • Signature audio recordings.
  • Connection to a supportive and like minded community.


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