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Whitney Paterson

Whitney Paterson


Hi! I'm whitney.

I'm a Washington, DC based yoga teacher and ayurvedic practionner. I'm Passionate about helping people heal their bodies and live with ease.

Work with me

Private/Corporate Yoga

I'm passionate about helping people feel great in their bodies. I offer one-on-one and group classes, for individuals and businesses. As an individual, I will develop a practice that caters directly to your needs. 




Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of natural healing. Ayurveda roughly translates as “science of life,” and it's wealth of knowledge touches every aspect of living. Ayurveda is also considered “the sister science of yoga.” 


digestion reboot
(10 Weeks)

Ayurveda champions healthy digestion as the key to creating a healthy body. Put simply, if you have optimal digestion you experience health, and if you don’t, you experience dis-ease.
Digestion is more then just what we eat. 

Fall Cleanse-2.png


A detox is a time out from the busyness of life. When most people think about cleanses and detoxes, they immediately think of food, or the lack thereof. Cleanses are indeed about simplifying our diet, but also about simplifying our life as a whole.